Monday, October 6, 2008

Marketplace Maven: Heather Davis of Pink & White Design

Welcome to Marketplace Mavens, a weekly feature here on DD where we learn about inspiring women who are dipping their toes (or diving head first!) into the marketplace.  They are leading in our economy today by blazing a trail for creativity, courage and fortitude!

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Heather Davis from Pink & White Design after being drawn to her fantastic jewelry and handbags on  So, after quickly snatching up one of her pieces, I had to learn more about her and the company she runs.  After introducing myself and bombarding her with tons of questions, I'm thrilled to bring her story to you this week.
Like so many entrepreneurs, Heather has been nurturing her creative side for years, and started getting regular compliments from friends and family on her work.  She took note, and began to dabble even more, by applying her design training and sewing skills (which she revived from her high school home economics days!), eventually leading her to start Pink & White Design.
 Recently she moved Pink & White online (to Etsy), which is where I stumbled upon her great and affordable style! (read Heather's full story here)

Here are some things that inspire me about Heather's story:
*  Like so many women today, she has a passion for creativity and an eye for style.  Her day-to-day job, however, doesn't provide much of an outlet for that creativity, which Many of us can relate to!
*  Rather than be deterred, however, Heather has found a way (and made a way) to express her skills elsewhere.  That kind of flexibility and perseverance marks a Maven every time!
*  Heather dreams big, hoping someday to design full-time.  And like a true Maven, she is pressing toward that goal while also recognizing that success requires patience (no "instant gratification" delusions here!).
*  Finally, Heather's biggest asset to her success is the same as yours and mine: other women.  Friends, family, and readers like you!

We all have the opportunity to be Mavens like Heather.  And we also have an opportunity to support her efforts by reading her story (in her own words) by clicking here, by visiting her fantastic boutique by clicking here, and by passing her name and store along to friends and family.

Thank you to Heather for sharing her story with us!  I, for one, am looking forward to hearing more about her business in the days and months to come!

To learn more about Marketplace Mavens, and read previous maven posts, click here.

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