Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Craftivist Invitations

I posted yesterday about hosting a fun holiday party making Oreo truffles and origami boxes, and helping out those in need in the community as well.
Obviously that is just one idea about how you can be a craftivist this season--there are hundreds of others! Teach your friends how to knit, or get together to make jewelry, or throw a stamping/scrapbooking party. Whatever suits your fancy!

If you like the idea of collecting canned goods for your community (a super easy way to reach out), choose a craft, fill in the blanks, and mail to your friends today! Or pick a date and create some invitations of your own. And please! send me a copy, or an Email about your craftivist party idea!.

Stick around for more handmade holidays later this week. I'm thinking knitted cowl necks will be my next handmade obsession. I keep seeing them all over the place!
And later today I'll be sharing another Smarty Pants posts, because even though the holidays are wonderfully distracting, there is still a lot going on in the news worth paying attention to!

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