Monday, November 17, 2008

Marketplace Mavens: Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears from The Boss of You

note: every week I bring the story of an inspiring lady (in this case, two of them) who is venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, and inspiring us to follow.

I wasn't intending to select Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears for this week's maven post, but after picking up a copy of their new book, The Boss of You, to read this past weekend, I knew I had found my mavens.

I first ran into the duo from Emira's blog, Domicile (the domestic title was what hooked me), and from there found their business, book, and more.  Since then I've learned that Mears and Bacon are business partners of their web-design company, Raised Eyebrow,
they like crafty, do-it-yourself-ers, and Bacon has hot-pink bangs.

What I have also found in the pair is a great resource for aspiring mavens like myself.  Their book, The Boss of You, is currently becoming my go-to tool for growing my home-based business.  Here is what I like about it, and about them:

*  They are good at sharing--advice, that is.  Bacon and Mears have run the gauntlet of starting a small business from a spare bedroom, and they know the in's and out's of that process.  Their wisdom is both challenging (in a good way) and encouraging, and I am glad that they decided to share their knowledge with those of us who would like to follow in their footsteps.

*  They do not believe that growing Big and earning Money are the only two things a business should focus on.  Rather, they think that small, fulfilling and balanced are perfectly wonderful business goals, and encourage them if the shoe fits.

*  They have a decidedly feminine take on starting and operating a business, addressing some of the areas that women specifically might struggle with, like paying ourselves decent wages, taking care of our minds and bodies, and following our dreams.

*  They tackle the hard stuff.  I confess that I'm not terribly great at the money and legal aspects of running a business, or at planning ahead for the future.  But Mears and Bacon make it sound doable, and their personal stories of treading through those issues are relatable.

So, if you are even thinking of starting your own venture--be it a full time career, of a hobby on the side--you should pick up their book.  I promise that it will be a great addition to your library.  Also, check out Mears and Bacon's web-design business, Raised Eyebrow, for ideas on what a successful female start-up looks like, or maybe to solicit their services for your design needs.  Finally, check out their blogs (titled Raised Eyebrow and the Boss of You) to read their on-going and updated thoughts on women and small business.

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