Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Sussie: Thanksgiving

In honor of the pending holiday, for this week's sussie I thought I would highlight some of the Thanksgiving recipes that caught my eye this year.  I hope to make them (if I can convince my traditionalist-family to surrender the green bean caserole!), and perhaps make some new traditions.

First--the turkey.  In the past few years I've been cooking my turkey upside down in a paper bag.  Don't laugh--it really works.  The first year was amazing, although admittedly last years was a bit dry.  But this year my husband and I are obsessed with the idea of Bbq-ing our turkey.  Since we live in Colorado, using our outdoor gas grill might be a challenge.  But, we might be able to pull off a covered charcoal grill (maybe we should have a back-up just in case....).  Here is a link to the recipes that got us excited about the grilling option from Sunset magazine.
Of course, we may decide to forego the grill and use a brine recipe from Guy Fieri.  He puts hickory chips into the oven with the turkey to give it a smoky flavor.  Here's the link for the how-to.

I also loved the sound of the artichoke parmesan stuffing, also from Sunset.  It won rave reviews from readers in holidays passed, and even though I don't like stuffing, this one might win me over.

Is anyone besides me tired of the traditional vegetable sides for Thanksgiving involving either butter or cream of mushroom soup?  This year I'm definitely serving up an arugula salad or shaved brussels (even if I am the only one who eats them!).

And to drink, last year I was really pleased with a sparkling Shiraz I bought (a little too pleased, meaning that I was tipsy) but can't remember the name (any will do, I think!).  I might do the same this time around, or go with a pinor noir, which is apparently the best all-around wine for the occasion.  

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Check back in next week for more Handmade Holidays.  In store this week is some embellishing (on fabric--not the telling fibs kind), more DIY ideas, and a great Marketplace Maven!  See you soon!

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