Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smarty Pants--we interrupt with these brief messages...

I know that everyone is a buzz with the recent election of Obama, but I thought I'd interrupt the chatter with these brief messages....

Since Smarty Pants posts are focused on the value of being informed (and not about celebrity gossip), I thought I would address the biggest obstacle keeping me from staying as informed as I'd like: it takes time!  I mean, I like to read the newspapers, and think that they provide more in-depth coverage than television--but reading them requires a time commitment that I can't always give.

So, what is my go-to source when I want the news but don't have time to read it?  It's National Public Radio--a multi-tasker's dream.  

I was reminded of how much I rely on public radio when I read a post this morning from Etsy's blog titled "gifts for public radio fans."  I mean, I listed to public radio all the time.  I turn it on when I'm cleaning or cooking, when I'm driving, and even sometimes when I'm jogging.  Their correspondents from all over the world bring great stories, and I especially love the Marketplace segment (what a surprise, I know...).  Bit by bit throughout my day I manage to smuggle in some important info with very little effort.

Anyway, being a well-informed woman in today's age is really important (or at least I think so).  And though I probably don't prioritize it as much as I could, I am very appreciative of NPR, and highly recommend it for busy gals trying to keep up.  

You may now commence with the Obama buzzing.

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