Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Sussie: Real Simple Christmas Gift Ideas

So I know that I've been pumping up the Handmade Holiday theme for a few weeks, and obviously I'm a big fan Etsy and shopping locally.  But....I realize that making all holiday gifts from scratch, or finding used items to repurpose or give as is, can be a little unrealistic sometimes.  The reason, after all, that big retail chains are so popular is because they are so convenient, and convenience--during a busy holiday season--can be priceless.  Far be it for me to judge people for choosing mental sanity over handmade shopping convictions!

In lieu of that, then, I was genuinely pleased with Real Simple's Christmas gift edition this year, and recommend it as this week's sussie if you haven't already thumbed through a copy.  Their pages of gift ideas are unique and fun, and I got all kinds of good ideas for family members (and myself).  A lot of things can be ordered online (less driving and errands!  yay!), and probably gift wrapped too--although the magazine does have a great "gift wrapping party" idea...  

My favorites included the iron-on images from Sukie.  I'm definitely getting some of those!  And of course the any-surface air hockey set--how fun!  And I loved the pop-up book, perfect for a certain little nephew I have in mind.  

My not-so-favorite: the "Any Name" in History book.  The claim is that you can order these books using your family name, and it will come complete with the history of your family name, demographics of your ancestors, etc.  But after reading the reviews of the book, I've determined that it is not all it's cracked up to be, and my money would be better spent on...well, anything else.  Bummer because it seemed like great gift for my hard-to-shop-for father-in-law.

Happy browsing!  And see you next week for more Handmade Holidays and another great Marketplace Maven!
note: Saturday Sussies are small finds I discover during the week that I like to share with you.  I call them "sussies" because it is a Texas term I learned from my family.  I swear I didn't make it up.
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