Friday, November 28, 2008

Tales of Black Friday holiday week didn't exactly go as planned.  All excited to work up some "embellishing" projects, and some DIY jewelry, plus my favorite pastime of musing on the handmade economy....I fear that the stomach flu (the day before Thanksgiving!  What timing!) and travel (we're headed up to the snowy Rockies) interfered with my plans.  So instead of creating and writing, I've been hunkered down in bed.

Such is life.   In any event, on this Black Friday, I thought I would venture a quick post, starting with a story.  The story begins last year, on the morning of said Black holiday (sounds kind of morbid, if you think about it).  Up until then, I was a Black Friday virgin, having never ventured into the stores on the King of all Shopping Days.  But there was a sale on flat screen tvs at Target, and my husband really wanted one for Christmas, so I thought--what the heck?--how busy can it be?  I'll just throw on some clothes, head out, and make it back in time to get ready for work (yes--I had to work.  It was a bummer.)  

Oh little naive one.  Against my husband's warnings of crowded streets and stores, I zoomed over to Target.  I was totally unprepared for what I saw.  I mean--I knew it was the biggest shopping day of the year, but I Had No Idea.  Of course there was not a single place to park.  People had obviously been camped out for days.  And there were even lines of cars strolling ever so slowly through the lot, hoping against hope that someone was actually leaving (good luck!).  I took one look and just kept on driving--back home, that is.  So much for starting a new tradition.  

Anyway, I share this story in case a) you, too, are a Black Friday virgin and think that maybe you'd like to try out all the fun.  Don't.  It's so not worth it, and b) to once again encourage a much easier and more sustainable way to shop for your holiday gifts--by purchasing them from local or online craftsman and women, or by buying used instead of new (and perhaps following through on some of that embellishing that I still haven't gotten to!).  

Needless to say, I can tell you where I'm Not going today--to the stores.  But I might just spend some time browsing on Etsy, or planning my homemade holiday gifts.  

And maybe finally eat some of that Turkey I've been too sick to enjoy! 

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

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