Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only the Lonely--fighting isolation

Have you ever had one of those days when you just needed to get out of the house?  Well, I'm having one right now.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, or work from home like me, I'm sure you can relate.  One of the things I miss most from the 9-5 (yes, I do miss some things) is the daily interaction with people.  Sure it was drag to get up and get to work some days, but being part of the active, adult world felt good.  And it was easy.

Well, it is not so easy anymore.  Being home more--which I think is a Great thing!--does have its down side.  Isolation is part of it.  All the more reason "Don't Deviate Alone" is important.  

I'm no expert at fighting isolation and loneliness, but here are some things I'm currently trying in order to keep connected:

*  get out.  I know it is a superficial fix, but sometimes just popping into the store and walking around for a bit helps me feel more connected.  In fact, when I finish this post, I'm heading to Target and the bookstore just to be among "the people."  Note: I'm setting a budget before I go, though.  Shopping-while-lonely is a bad combo on the pocketbook!

*  get involved.  Even though I don't always feel like attending meetings, I've tried to join some groups this year to fend off isolation and make new friends.  Some are purely social, and some are for business.  All of them make me feel better, even if I have to drag myself there!

*  volunteer.  Okay, so I'm not doing this yet, but I really want to.  It has the benefits of getting out and meeting people, with the bonus of doing good deeds and helping others.  

The truth is that sometimes my "grassroots job" and my "domestically deviant lifestyle" are lonely.  I love the flexibility of being home more, but miss the benefits of being home less.  Are you currently staying home?  Can you relate?  What do you do to stay connected?  Email your tips to me at  I'd love to read them...right after I get back from Target.   

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