Monday, November 10, 2008

Marketplace Mavens: Whitney from Lucky Me Beads

note: Marketplace Mavens are women who inspire me with their entrepreneurial lifestyle.  I write about them every Monday, and hope you are inspired by them too!

Earlier this fall I had the privilege of sitting down at a local coffee to talk business and life with Whitney, a local artist and entrepreneur who (you guessed it) sells on Etsy.  I quickly learned that one of the incredible things about Whitney is that she has not one, not two, but Four stores on Etsy!  And each one offers a unique product, and showcases a unique skill.

For instance, Pine and Hanker is Whitney's "sewing" store, a skill she admitted to me is one of her most recent favorites.  Lucky Me Beads is where you can find some very cool pendants and can order custom silhouettes.  At Junk Envy, you can peruse an online collection of neat flea market finds (like rolls of carnival tickets and yellow Converse sneakers!).  And finally, Whitney Leigh is the stop for mixed media art pieces.  Talk about a jack of all trades!

Even more amazing than juggling four stores is that Whitney is doing it with her adorable infant son right alongside her.  

Here is what I learned from Whitney:
*  entrepreneurialism is a way of life.  Whitney shared that her family has always been entrepreneurial, and that she never saw herself working in the conventional 9-5.  Clearly she learned a different way to live, and makes working for yourself look easy (although I'm sure it is not always that way).
*  creative enterprise can work with family.  Whitney admitted that she isn't able to devote as much time to her business now that she is a mom, but she also shared that having a business and a baby has been a good fit for her.  She gets to work from home, spend time with her son, and still earn income from her artistic skills.
* getting out and meeting people is mavenhood in action!  Case in point--Whitney introduced herself to me because she is organizing a craft show in our local area, and hopes to get likeminded people together for it.  And she clearly has a knack for making friends, since her work is sold in local coffee shops around town, too!  (Her warm friendliness is probably part of it!)  Bottom line?  Marketplace Mavens like Whitney surround themselves with others.  It's the best way to do business!

I want to thank Whitney for meeting with me, and for sharing about her life as a Maven!  I invite you to check her out at her many stores (see links above) and her blog (click here).  

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