Monday, December 1, 2008

My post-Thanksgiving-football-turkey-hangover-Recovery Plan

After eating leftover turkey for four days, and watching hours of football, and sitting on the sofa thumbing through magazines (you know--the usual holiday coach-potato-malaise), I am certainly feeling a little bit of a Thanksgiving hangover this Monday morning.  All I want to do is crawl back into bed and snuggle down with a video, my laptop, and some dietary fiber....

I fear I need a serious remedy to rouse me from my stupor... What can I possibly find for a fix?  Why, a week of crafts, of course!

So, here is my post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, football-turkey-hangover-recovery plan for the week:
1.  revive my creative senses with a series of posts on do-it-yourself crafts for gifts, parties, or just plain fun
2.  find inspiration in the crafty example of others, primarily from online shops (like Etsy) and the lovely Marketplace Mavens featured here weekly
3.  eat more fiber (I know--this isn't related to crafts, but after mashed potatoes and green bean casserole--two sorry excuses for vegetables--I seriously need some.)
4.  challenge myself to be mindful this season by reading the unconventional holiday philosophies and practices of others 
5.  check back in with my budget and bank account, courtesy of, to assess the situation before spending more money
6.  have I already mentioned fun crafts?

Stay tuned this week to read more!  And don't forget to check back in later this afternoon for a special Cyber-Monday Marketplace Maven special.

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