Friday, December 12, 2008

Handmade Divas

Since I've been fairly immersed in the world of crafty wonders this season for this Handmade Holiday series, I've found myself drawn to the works of three ladies who I consider to be among my favorite "handmade divas."  Their project ideas are simple, affordable and beautiful, and their books are oh-so-fun to look at (again and again and again).  

If you are looking for some last minute handmade inspiration, I'd recommend hitting the bookstore and taking a gander through one of these ladies' selections.  There are tons of options for sewers, knitters, stampers, fabric printers, home design, clothes, accessories, quilts and more!

Or maybe you are just looking to start your handmade library at home, hoping to begin adopting the practice of creating thoughtful homemade gifts for friends and family throughout the year.  These authors are a great place to start your collection!  Read below for more...

Butler's In Stitches is very popular, and has all kinds of projects for the home.  For some "coffee table" inspiration (less patterns and more pictures), you can also check out her Midwest Modern book (it currently sits in my living room) to get ideas for the whole design process.  
I've also posted about the great free patterns on her website, so check those out.  And if you like babies (who doesn't?), her newest book on baby sewing projects is for you!

Joelle Hoverson
Her Last Minute gifts series (LM Knits &  LM Patchwork) is one of my new favorites (I'm coveting them right now).  She has something for sewers, knitters, quilters, and even the plain-old-crafty.  And the reviews of the patterns/projects seem to be all thumbs up!
note: there's also a Last Minute Fabrics book, too, by a different author.  Worth checking out...

I've posted before about how I love Lotta's aesthetic.  I currently have some stamped fabric inspired from her Lotta Prints book just dying to be sewn into something fabulous.  I suppose I could get her Simple Sewing project book and find the perfect fit!

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Just one more week of Handmade Holiday fun left!  Stick around tomorrow for another Saturday Sussie, and certainly check back in on Monday for the next Marketplace Maven!

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