Monday, December 15, 2008

Handmade Holidays: Paper Crafts

Okay--so I'm obsessed.  Completely obsessed with knitting.  I stayed up until 3 am last night just because I didn't want to stop working on my project.  This Handmade Holiday thing might be going a little too far!  

I realize that you all are probably not as needle-nuts as I am, so I thought I would highlight another handmade category--paper.  Now, I'm not a big paper craft kind of girl.  I don't scrapbook, and I don't make cards (unless I'm desperate and don't have time to run to Hallmark!).  I'm not a stamper or a printer.  My paper deficiencies aside, however, I do appreciate a good paper gift.  Fortunately, there are many wonderful handmade sellers making great things from paper.  Buy from them, or use their ideas to spark some paper creativity of your own!

paper goods: calendars
Now is the perfect time of year to snag your 2009 calendar (and some for your friends and family too).  There are some very clever options on Etsy.  I'm currently going through a yellow phase (maybe because it warms me up during our -12 degree weather!), so I was naturally drawn to this desktop calendar by 3SistersLove.  To read more about other 2009 calendar options, check out this article posted on the Etsy blog.

Of course, don't stop there!  While you are over on Etsy, also check out their "holiday gift guides: cards, ribbon and wrap" section.  There you will find all sorts of gift ideas, from handmade cards to special twine to funky labels.  I enjoyed these Damask cards from Paperhill (are you sensing my golden yellow theme again?), and agree with the description that they would make a nice gift for a teacher or friend who still likes to write cards (we should all do that more, shouldn't we?).  

Finally, regarding wrapping, capitalize on the holiday momentum and stock up on wrapping for the year!  Personally I enjoy papers that can be used year-round for all occasions, so I tend to gravitate toward non-themed designs along with brown kraft and plain white paper.  Like this Wild Berries and Ladybugs gift wrap from Little Mo and Friends.  Or check out many of the fantastic decorative gift boxes also available from handmade sellers.

Stick around this week for my last posts on Handmade Holidays.  I'll have some concluding thoughts on why I think handmade is so cool (big picture stuff), and some review of the great project ideas we've covered (perfect for carrying into the New "handmade" Year).  Also, don't go too far because I'm really excited to share this week's Marketplace Maven story with you later today!

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