Monday, December 8, 2008

Handmade Holidays: Remake. Restyle. Reuse.

All this thinking about crafts recently has gotten me in the mood to explore some new projects, which begins, naturally, with me finding some books for inspiration.  My newest find--perfect for Handmade Holidays--is Remake. Restyle. Reuse. by Sonia Lucano.  I spent the whole Thanksgiving holiday weekend thumbing through the pages of this wonderful find, and thought I'd pass along the referral to you.

The book begins with a simple premise: that you can take boring, generic (and cheap) new or used items and then turn them into something beautiful and unique.  And that is exactly what the rest of the book demonstrates, first with some simple how-to's and then with pages upon pages of examples.

Now, I have to confess that I love Lucano's aesthetic.  It is so French (I'm a bit of a Fracophile)--clean, natural and graphic.  And I love that she includes tons of patterns to copy, from branches to fonts to numbers to shapes.  Turn ordinary white dishes into patterned gifts that your newly married friend will absolutely love.  Or make ordinary glass tea light holders into small, twinkling treasures.  Do you curtains need a facelift?  She has a fix.  Do your linens need some pizazz?  She has some ideas.  Do you have a sudden urge to fill your home with quaint French phrases?  Then this is the book for you!  (note: I'm sure you could substitute English, but what would be the fun in that?)

So, if you are feeling ambitious, I'd recommend grabbing a copy of Remake. Restyle. Reuse. and get moving on some great and inexpensive handmade holiday gifts that your friends, family and coworkers will love.  Or, if you haven't the time or the crafty inclination, then just grab the book, wrap it, and give it as a gift.  I, for one, would love to have a copy.

Oh wait....I already do.

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