Monday, December 1, 2008

Marketplace Mavens: Cyber Monday Special

Every Monday this fall I've brought you the story of an inspiring female entrepreneur.  We've read about their passions, their businesses, and their lives.  They've shared with us their hopes and challenges and dreams.  And hopefully they've encouraged us in the work that we do.

So, in honor of these lovely ladies, on this "Cyber Monday," please join me as I promote the wonderful handmade items, creative books, and helpful services of this Fall's Marketplace Mavens.  They are a talented class of ladies, and I'm sure that you will be able to find some delightful gifts from their hands and minds (all available via the cyber net, of course) for your loved ones this fall.  

Consider the following, then, to be my Marketplace Maven "Cyber Monday" catalog:

Handmade gifts for family and friends:
Accessorize!  Check out Heather's Pink & White Design boutique for fabulous bags and necklaces for your loved ones this year.
Or visit Whitney's Lucky Me Beads for a unique pendant, or her Junk Envy boutique for some great vintage (aka repurposed) finds.  Personally I love the yellow Converse sneakers and old carnival tickets!
And also pick up some great knitted accessories (cozy hats and booties for cold winter days) for the tots in your life, courtesy of the craftivist shop,
Finally, don't forget to send some of your holiday correspondence and thank you's using Hannah's tandem bicycle letterpress cards, from Red Tandem Studio.

On the Shelf:
If it is books that you crave, consider gifting The Boss of You, from mavens Lauren and Emira, to an entrepreneurial friend looking to start her own business.
Or grab a copy (or two) of The Creative Family, by Amanda Blake Soule, for a crafty mom you know.  She's sure to love it!

Finally, consider giving a free gift by referring your design-obsessed friends to Holly's Decor8 blog--it's like a magazine delivered to your inbox daily!
Or sign up your knit-happy mom or sister for Jessica's and introduce them to a world of patterns, friends and more!

Remember that by shopping in the stores of these mavens, or buying their books, or visiting their sites, you are supporting female entrepreneurialism, and paving the way for other ladies (maybe even yourself) to take a chance and venture into the marketplace too!  

And don't forget to check back in next Monday when I share the story of Lori--a single mom who sells from home.  I know you'll be as encouraged by her testimony as I am!

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