Thursday, December 18, 2008

Handmade Holidays: Last-Minute Review

A part of me is sad that the end of this week wraps up the Handmade Holiday series.  I have had a lot of fun scouring the web for fun craft projects, and surfing through Etsy to find the talented wares of handmade sellers.  And of course I've enjoyed creating some of my own handmade gifts for this year's holiday season.

By now most of you have probably finished up your shopping, and are putting the last touches on your handmade projects.  But for you holiday procrastinators (I know you're out there) searching  for some late-in-the-game ideas, here's a recap of what we've covered this season:

Two of my favorite fashion trends this winter are incidentally easy to make projects: the oversize cowl and the fingerless gloves.  There is still time to whip up a set to give to friends or family, or to snag some from a handmade seller (but check the shipping guidelines for sellers as postal carrier deadlines are rapidly approaching!).  I made a set myself (is it bad that half of my projects are for me?), and can testify that it is a project that can be completed over a weekend.

If sewing is your interest, we also talked about plenty of handmade options for needle and thread.  Explore some embellishing projects to upgrade plain items into fancy, take a gander through Martha Stewart's virtual library of craft project how-to's, or download free sewing patterns from Amy Butler.  

Or if the idea of making something just burns you out, consider giving the gift of craft inspiration by presenting friends or family with some of the latest and greatest handmade-inspired books, like those from Amy Butler, Lotta Jansdotter, Joelle Haverson, and Sonia Lucano.  And don't forget the ever-popular food option--a great "gender neutral" gift to give to couples and the men in your life (who wouldn't be too impressed with oversize cowls and cute handbags).  

Please come back for tomorrow's last Handmade Holiday post, where I wax poetically about the greater virtues of "handmade living," and share about what's to come for the rest of the year (and a peek into next year).  

Until then, happy last-minute handmade crafting!  I, for one, have some mittens to finish!

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