Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If I were a Bird...

If I was a bird building a nest, I would probably be inordinately concerned with the way the nest looked.  I would fixate on the colors of thread and trash I was using for construction to make sure they were coordinated.  And I would be obsessed with building the perfect round-but-not-too-round nest shape.

Birds, of course, do not fixate on these types of things.  But I do.  Which is why I'm beginning my nesting season with a decorating project.  My office is always a work in process, but truth be told, I could really stand to move the process along a bit.  Take a look at this picture above, for instance, of the wall above my hand-me-down loveseat.  Lame.  So step number one for this week is to conduct a makeover on this space of real estate.

I know--interior decorating isn't exactly a virtuous pursuit.  In fact, when I quit my job a year ago to launch my own home-based career/domestic lifestyle, I probably would have felt guilty for investing my time in such a "frivolous" project.  But if there is one thing I have learned over the past year, it is to never underestimate the importance of nurturing a solid home base.  I mean, home is where we recharge, where we connect with the ones we love most, and ultimately where we seek both physical and emotional
 shelter from the outside world.

Now, I won't get too preachy about giving my office a makeover--part of it is just plain, good-old-fashioned fun.  But I will say that though I could be investing my time in more "significant" pursuits, I choose instead to find significance in these pursuits.  Sure I can't afford to blow off the whole day to just make things pretty (I do have work to do...), but I can devote some of my time to a little bit of nesting.

So, if you have a home project you've been itching to do, but keep putting off in favor of other more pressing pursuits, join me in a little nesting rebellion.  And certainly don't forget to send me the before and after pictures! (email me at shillberry@comcast.net)

Come back and visit me tomorrow for my "after" shot, and to read more about nesting.  And because I don't want you to think that all I do is decorate, check out Wednesday's Smarty Pants post on current events.  Also, don't forget to send me your Maven nominations today!

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