Monday, January 5, 2009

The Personal Side of Nesting

In my first introductory post about this new series on nesting, I wrote that the focus would be on creating a comfortable and ordered home to nestle into during this next stretch of cold winter days.  And that is certainly true--I'm ready to get cozy.

There is, however, another more personal reason behind this series that I thought I would share with you.  Because nesting--at least in the animal kingdom--has a very specific purpose beyond just comfort.  It is specifically designed to create a safe and cozy space for children.

No, I'm not expecting.  But I'd like to be.  The truth is, my husband and I have been trying to start a family for quite some time--certainly longer than I thought we would be, and much longer than I've been comfortable with.  And, as some of you might know, waiting for a child can be a long and hard process.  I'll admit to spending more than a few days feeling depressed and anxious over the past couple of years.  And though it may seem like an unorthodox approach, this nesting series is part of my "waiting therapy."

I share this personal detail with you because, one--I want to be real about my life and the challenges and successes I face.  And two--because perhaps some of you can relate.  I also share this because preparing for motherhood, or being in the throes of it, is a distinctly female experience that I would like to share with other women.  

If you are worried that this blog will become a mother's-only stop--don't.  My favorite topics will always be creating a home, practicing mindfulness with my resources, encouraging entrepreneurialism, and striving to be an economic and community leader, and all of these things can be done with or without motherhood.  But I just wanted you all to know where I was coming from with this Nesting series so you won't be surprised or curious if the "b" word (baby) comes up, because it will.

I also hope that it will be a great series for you to get to know me more, and so that I can get to know more of you.  Maybe you can relate to what I'm going through, or maybe the idea of nesting sounds appealing.  Please share your thoughts with my anytime, by commenting here or emailing me at

Come back later today to be reintroduced to 2008's Marketplace Mavens, and maybe be inspired to send me your Maven story!  Read more this afternoon!
Or come back tomorrow for more Nesting, starting with my much needed office makeover! (remember I said creating a cozy home!)

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