Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If the lure of new projects motivated me out of bed yesterday morning, than the demand for chores pulled me out this morning.  Yes...I know--projects are Way more fun.  But alas my receipt pile has admittedly gotten a tad bit out of control (I explained politely to my husband that I was only Two months behind after he suggested ever so subtly that "maybe it was time to update Quicken?").  And my new plan to only go to the grocery store two times per month is working swimmingly if you don't count the fact that we have run out of vegetables completely and now have only processed meats for daily consumption (note to self: pick up more dietary fiber...).  

Furthermore, today is supposed to be 70 degrees (yes--that's right, people.  It is 70 in sunny Colorado in January.  I might just be tempted to sunbathe), which means that technically I could get a jump start on that spring cleaning I've been meaning to do ever since we moved into this house four years ago (don't judge me--I've been very busy).  And I really should water the plants in the backyard since we haven't had a lick of snow this year and everything just looks thirsty.  

And now that we have reached an 87:2 ratio of magazines per humans in the house, perhaps it is time to do a wee bit of sorting and recycling.  Just to...ahem...clear some room for the new magazines, of course.  

So, anyway...clearly I have my work cut out for me.  Until tomorrow...happy nesting (even if your nesting involves chores, too)!

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