Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun with Design

If you have a minute, check out to take a fun design quiz.  You just scroll through a series of photos of rooms and select whether you like them or hate them.  Then Sproost computes the results and tells you what your style is.  

I ended up being a combination of Rustic Revival (figures given that I live in Colorado) and Vintage Modern.  Other choices included Contemporary, Asian, Southwest, Arts and Crafts, and more.  

Another great way to figure out your design style is to create a design notebook.  I've been ripping out pages I like from magazines for years and compiling them in a three-ring binder (actually, I'm up to three binders now...) for design inspiration.  Whenever I need a jolt of creativity, or I'm stumped with a room makeover, I'll pull out my books and flip through the pages.  I also have lots of photos for landscape ideas, and even a few fashion finds.  

Happy designing!

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