Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skinny Jeans, and other consumer errors

I spent twelve dollars on a pair of used skinny jeans yesterday. Yes--skinny jeans. I swore--SWORE--that I would never do such a thing. I mean--they are all fine and well on fashionable teeny boppers, but I’m a grown woman. A grown woman who did, in fact, spend several years of her life rolling up the ankles of her jeans, and then has spent the remaining years trying to atone for such a grave fashion error.

And yet I bought some.
I’m wearing them even now. Even though I still think they sorta make me look like a muffin, which as you all know is not the most flattering shape on a woman. And why am I doing this to myself? Because I am a tragic and yet willing victim of perceived obsolescence.

I talked earlier this season about planned obsolescence--which is when manufacturers intentionally make products with short life spans so that we have to replace them. Like my faulty hair dryers, for instance.

Well, perceived obsolescence is similar, except that there is nothing faulty about the merchandise.
We are persuaded to replace it not because it has fallen apart or quit working, but because we perceive it to be obsolete (aka outdated). Such is the case with my skinny jeans.
They are, frankly, the “in” shape right now, especially with those knee-high rider boots that I’m coveting. I know you know what I’m talking about. No longer do I want to wear my knee-high heeled boots under my bootcut jeans. Oh no. I want to wear New boots Over New jeans. Is there anything wrong with my bootcut jeans (other than the new hole I just discovered in the knee) or my heeled suede boots? No, of course not. And yet still they are getting the boot (ha ha--get it? the boot...ahem...) by trendier (and admittedly less flattering) skinny jeans and flat boots.

It’s a sickness, really.

I don’t share this story with you because I’m proud of it. Frankly I’m a bit ashamed at my weakness for fashion trends. I’m sharing because I know you can relate. And because perceived obsolescence really is a sneaky consumer trick that should at least be acknowledged if not resisted.

Admittedly sometimes the resistance is futile.
And someday I’ll look at the photos of me wearing these skinny jeans and think “why? what was I thinking?” Until then, I guess I need more practice at being less trendy.


  1. Miss Steph!!! If those are your skinny legs, in those skinny jeans, with adorable shoes in those pictures then you made NO mistake! They look great on you!!!!!!! XO
    ~Stacie Lou

  2. If only my legs looked like that in ANY style of jeans. You can rock them so you might as well!!!!

  3. If only I was ever that skinny...no skinny jeans for me EVER! But above comments are right if they look good...wear them!! :)

  4. You look good! I too am a stickler for the non trend... I have successfully gone without the belt around the stomach look and hoping to keep it that way.. but it is hard!

  5. I just told a friend that I draw the line at overalls! I didn't wear them the first time around, and I won't bring myself to do it if they come back in style!

    Then again...that's what I said about skinny jeans...

    And yes...the shoes were my other, completely unnecessary purchase. I love them. Sigh.

  6. Those shoes are adorable!! Where did you get them? Sometimes the unnecessary purchases are often our favorites. And you look great in them, so wear them!!! Although I do have to comment on the skinny jean thing...what were manufacters thinking when they make skinny jeans in bigger sizes? Those are the only sizes I ever see on clearance. Kinda contradicting with the name of the jeans, lol!!!

  7. I got both the shoes and jeans at Plato's Closet. I'm in love with that store. I have a punch card. The shoes were originally from Eddie Bauer--a place I'd never think to check for cute shoes!

  8. Ha Ha! You gave in!! And I can hardly believe you're gonna go for the boots, too! I'm proud of you! :) --Alli


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