Monday, November 2, 2009

Breaking out of the Mold, and how I discovered I like sauerkraut

I didn’t plan to break out of the mold on that hot summer day three years ago.
We had just finished grilling some brats, and had cracked open a few beers, when suddenly it occurred to me that perhaps sauerkraut would be a tasty addition to our meal (have I mentioned that I have a little German blood in me?).

Now it is important to understand that prior to this summer day I used to cringe at the sight of sauerkraut.
Pickled cabbage? Come on--who would want to eat such a thing? Pickling is for one thing and one thing only: pickles. Nothing else good could come from soaking things in vinegar and spice until they ferment. Right?

Such were my thoughts until I piled a little onto my bratwurst and took a bite.
It was like the gates of heaven opened and the birds began to sing. Okay--maybe it wasn’t quite like that...I might be exaggerating. But it was good, and I’ve been a sauerkraut devotee ever since.

Why am I telling you a story about fermented cabbage, you ask?
Because it illustrates--albeit rather superficially--the theme for this week. You see, Being an Original, at least for me, has a lot to do with breaking the mold. And I’m not talking about society’s molds or our culture’s molds or the molds those scary Spanx undergarments make. I’m talking about the molds we create for ourselves. Otherwise known as the limitations we adopt, usually because we’re ignorant, self conscious, and/or too comfy for change.

For instance, in the case of the sauerkraut aversion,
I was a) ignorant of the wonderful flavor of pickled cabbage, and b) too comfy with my usual brat fix'ns (that’s a little Texas slang for y’all) to try something new. That mold needed to be broken. Oh yes, it needed it.

Pickled cabbage aside,
we are going to spend the week talking about the virtue of trying new things and learning new things. And perhaps eating new things too. I’m looking forward to it!

And I promise pickled cabbage won't come up again.

Hope you have a good Monday!

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