Friday, November 6, 2009

A Poem...

try it, try it
the nice lady said

of the sushi and oysters

I sniffed at in dread

so slimy, so soft

are foods that are raw

I pushed them away

with a hearty guffaw

how about liver?

she asked with a smile

as I stared at the plate
of dark meat in a pile

politely I asked

for something instead

so she offered bread pudding

on a syrupy bed

she offered me kale

as a cool veggie side

and a glass of soy milk

that I warily eyed

where are the burgers

where are the fries?

where are the sodas

and fresh apple pies?

eating new things

is all fine and well

except when you’re faced

with foods you’d expel

I packed up my things

and stood to my feet

when finally she offered

some pink pickled beets

I am running late

I spoke, slight annoyed

and drove straight away

to foods I enjoyed

the end

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