Thursday, November 5, 2009

Learning French, and why I want to be a Liberal Arts person

I want to learn French.
No, I don’t know anyone who speaks French. And I’m not planning any trips to France any time soon. And I’m not really interested in learning how to cook French food.

I just like the way it sounds.

It is not, admittedly, the most practical reason to learn another language.
But learning something new isn’t always about practicality. For instance, I got a college degree in liberal arts. That’s right--one of the most impractical degrees offered. And yet I highly esteem liberal arts, and do not regret for a minute studying it. In fact, I want to be a “liberal arts” person when I grow up.

Oh wait...I’m already grown up.
I guess that means I want to be a liberal arts person now.

Which is why I want to learn French.
And why I want to challenge myself this year to broaden my intellectual horizons and explore new subjects. Like science, for instance. Or music. Or art.

Because my “intellectual mold” generally involves two things: the economy and design.
Which is all fine and well, but we are focusing on breaking out of the mold this week. Breaking out, therefore, means that I need to dip my toes into some other areas. I need to become more well-rounded in that gray matter that sits on my shoulders.

So I might pick up that book on exploratory physics that my husband loves to read and try to work my way through it.
And I might have to visit the modern art museum in my town and contemplate the meaning of abstract shapes. And I certainly should dust off the French level 1 Rosetta Stone program I got last year for my birthday and start practicing my pronunciation again! Because learning new things is something I never want to quit doing.

What new thing would you like to learn this next year?
Share by posting your comment below!

Until tomorrow, Au Revoir!

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