Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday in an Alternate Universe

If I were living in an alternate universe, here are the things I would do today....

I would panel the main wall in my office in wood. Warm, textural wood from floor to ceiling.

Of course, what I mean is that my husband would panel the wall while I instructed him. Because in my alternate universe he does everything I tell him to without complaining.

Then I would paint the remaining walls with Ralph Lauren's Candlelight finish. See it shimmer. See it shine.

The shimmer would provide a seriously overdue upgrade to my existing tan walls. I'd hardly recognize them. I'd walk into the room and think, "where am I? Have I walked into another world where everything shimmers?"

Because Everything would shimmer in my alternate universe.

Then I would replace the oh-so-lame art collage I currently have on my wall with something more polished, like this display above. I'm thinking sepia photos in black frames.

Wouldn't they look nice against the
warm wood? I do think so.

And then I would add a few finishing touches, like a sparkly lamp and some images of deer and elk, like the one above from Noces de Coton. (For some reason I'm recently obsessed with combining feminine design with large game animals. I know--it's weird.)

And I would do it all wearing this ruffle shimmer dress from the Loft.


Of course, since I don't really live in an alternate universe, I'll just dream about doing these things and instead will go grocery shopping, work, and clean the house. And I'll be wearing jeans and a sweater.

What would you do in your alternate universe this Monday? Share by posting your comment here!

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