Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sewing is Making a Comeback! (notes from a Grand Opening)

Have I ever mentioned how my town has a serious lack of fabric options? Well, it's true. Apart from the ubiquitous craft mega-stores found in every strip mall across the land, with their aisles upon aisles of printed polyester, we had little else to choose from. Sure, there are a couple of lovely shops that carry rows of quilting cotton, but where is the silk? The knits? The taffeta and wool?

Needless to say, when my friend stumbled upon this new fabric store and learned that they were having a Grand Opening, I knew I had to be there.

Upon arriving, we were greeted at the door with the sign-in and given fabric wristbands. After admiring my newest bracelet, I looked up to discover that we should have gotten there earlier. Why? Because the place was packed!

Apparently I wasn't the only one eagerly anticipating a local fabric store! We all squished in like sardines and strained our necks to hear the opening announcements and then watch a fashion show. A show that included the nifty handmade garments of some very talented local designers.

After the fashion show, I did what any sewing enthusiast would do: I slowly and politely squeezed myself through the crowds to get at peek at the fabrics. It wasn't easy, but I managed to snap a few photos and file away some patterns and prints for future reference.

To see all of those people enthusiastically squeezed into the store confirmed a suspicion that I've had for awhile, which is that sewing is making a comeback. I'm not sure if it is the recession or a rising desire for unique fashion or the popularity of shows like Project Runway, but I like this new (old) trend! And I was happy to see my community embrace it!

I'm sure that last Friday was just the first of many times that I visit Mama Said Sew. And I hope that the store, and others like it around the country, grow in their popularity and success. And I hope sewing continues to make a comeback!

Are you a sew-er, or would like to be? What are you working on, or what would you like to learn how to make? Leave your comments below!


  1. I sew at a beginner level. Right now, I'm working on pillowcases to match some that I embroidered. I'd like to do more with home dec...maybe drapes.

  2. I think that home decor is a great place to start learning to sew! That's how I started--making pillow covers and small blankets. I haven't purchased a throw or sham in years!

  3. Oh, Im so not creative by any means, but this post and this store makes me want to learn!! What beautiful fabrics and ribbons!!!!
    Thanks for the introduction, Steph!!


  4. I've been sewing for a few years, but I'm mostly self taught, so that's not saying much. I can fudge my way through simple patterns. Right now I'm working on this beautiful sun dress with a bubble skirt! It's white fabric with flower outlines in pale blue and leaf outlines in navy blue! I just have to attach the skirt to the top, sew in the zipper and finish the hem!

  5. For some reason, every single time I sew (without fail, no matter how many times I check myself before that needle starts moving) one half of my piece is always inside out. I just can't figure this darn thing out! My sewing machine also needs a tune up. But maybe someday I will do it again!

  6. Thank you, Stephanie, for such a lovely review!!! And your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the show - more to come!


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