Friday, May 14, 2010

The Thrift Store Chair: a marital feud

husband: Where are you going?
me: The thrift store.

husband: (with anxiety in his voice) Why? What are you looking for?
me: Nothing. I'm just browsing. You know--for fun.

husband: The last time you were "just browsing," you came home with the ugliest set of shelving I've ever seen. Remember those?
me: Yes. I remember you making me take them back.

husband: Because they were awful.

husband: I knew I shouldn't have let you go. I hate this chair.
me: How can you hate it? It's great!

husband: It reminds me of the dentist's office.
me: Pfff. You never even go to the dentist.

husband: You need to take it back.
me: No.

husband: You know, it doesn't even go. It looks out of place in here.
me: It goes just fine. I'm the one with the design sense around here--not you. Besides, why do you care?

husband: I'm just saying I hate it.
me: You'll get used to it.

husband: I'm serious. Tomorrow. You need to take it back tomorrow.
me: (with a long sigh) Alright. I'll take it back. If you hate it Soooo much, I guess I have no choice.

That was three months ago. I think I've won the battle. Don't.Tell.Craig.


  1. Conveniently ignoring certain conversations in a marriage -- a great skill. Use cautiously and thoughtfully.

  2. in another scenario, i've heard it called the "intervention of delay." probably one of my favorites :)

  3. Sheryl O'NealMay 14, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    Tee hee hee! Craig!

    Tommy did the same thing to me about a white purse I bought.

    Husband "What is that"
    Me "a purse I just bought for spring... isn't it cute."
    Husband-- "It's a fake leather purse. It's white. It's hideous."
    Me "You're a man. I need a woman's opinion."

    Five women who have complemented my taste later... a battle won by me.

    As a little southern woman said to me the other day "Honey, sometimes men just don't get it."

  4. Too funny Steph! I think you will always win when it comes to design battles - that is of course until you use something of craig's like a belt that he needs to decorate a candle...your blog posts always make me smile! :)


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