Friday, May 21, 2010

The Fever is Back

note: click the images to learn more about these decals from handmade sellers on Etsy.
It's happening again. I knew when I first woke up. I could sense it before my eyelids even opened. A perfectly normal day...interrupted. To-do lists were about to go by the wayside. Regular clothes were in danger of being replaced by rags. Why? One simple reason--

The design fever was back.

Now, some of you have asked me "hey, whatever happened to that winter renovation you were working on?" Well, apparently the winter just wasn't my time. I had other things to do. What I thought was the fever setting in was just a false alarm. And maybe, just maybe, this is a false alarm too.

But my obsession with wall decals this morning suggests otherwise.

Yes, yes--I know. I had other plans to paint my office walls. But plans change. After thinking about all of the work it would take to create elaborate designs on my wall, I occurred to me that maybe--just maybe--I should delegate the labor. Like, say, with wall decals.

What do you think?

I've selected a handful that I like here, and obviously have some decisions to make. There are some lovely nature scenes, don't you think? The trees and birds? I'm drawn to the delicate leaves. And since it's almost summer, bringing the outdoors to the inside of my office is appealing.

Nature aside, there's another part of me that is drawn to retro shapes, maps and cityscapes. This option would obviously be less traditional & more modern.

Of course, the whole point of wall decals (in addition to their time-saving appeal) is that you can change them out when you get tired of a motif. So, say, if I want nature for the summer, I can still have retro shapes in the winter. Or cityscapes. Or pine trees (I can't imagine having this last one--but they're available, just in case).

Soooo...what is your preference? Nature? Skyscrapers? Adorable animals? (just kidding--I don't want my office to look like a nursery.) Share by posting your thoughts below!
In the meantime, don't be surprised if I show up on Monday with an entirely different office.

Because that's just how the fever works.


  1. Go for the shapes - more interesting and less predictable.

  2. I love phrases. I have had a lot of fun with my Cricut and vinyl lately and helped my friend write "You Are My Sunshine" on her daughter's wall with it. I just painted our livingroom last weekend and now I'm looking for the perfect vinyl piece to go on the back wall :)

  3. i like the birds on a wire.

  4. I LOVE wall decals too! I've never looked on etsy for them. We're about to get into a new house, and I have design fever already! I've picked out paint schemes already and we aren't even in the house. I typically love very simple nature themes . . . nothing too over the top, but just simple elegance.


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