Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend Plans...sans internet

I'm hanging out here in the local bookstore, soaking up their free wi-fi since my modem decided to officially crash this morning. Not that I'm complaining--now I have a chance to snatch up my copies of Julie & Julia literature for weekend reading!

And since it looks like I'll be spending the whole weekend sans internet, here are a few other things I'm planning to do:

Admire this week's raffle gift--this summer-time patchwork pillow--before I hand it off to the lucky winner! (you, too, can enter to win by signing up for my newsletter!)

Play fetch with the die-hards....

Admire the flowers before they fade for good...

Eat ice cream. Lots of it. And maybe some peach cobbler...but more on that next week!

And perhaps dig into this stash of thrift store fabrics I've had laying around. I'm envisioning some cozy throws and pillows for the Fall....

Hope your weekend plans are as fun--if not, perhaps, modem-free--like mine!

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