Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Do you see these two tomatoes? Aren't they nice, all red and fresh? One of them is a roma I plucked directly from the veggie aisle at the grocery store. And the other, also a roma, I harvested directly from my backyard. Can you guess which is which?

If you guessed that the large beauty on the right
was my homegrown prize, you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

Because the tomato on the left, dwarfed in its shadow, is the one that I grew in my backyard.
It is about the size of a large grape. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've eaten grapes that are bigger than that this week...

Is this tiny tomato an anomaly, you ask?
Well...I can't say, because it is the only tomato that has decided to grace us with its presence this season.

Of course
it was very, very tasty. That one bite that we had.

Very tasty.

But one bite
may be all I get this summer.

Because apparently I've been carrying on from day to day
completely unaware that I suffer from a severe tomato-growing deficiency. If it hadn't been for this small tomato, I would have never known.

We might not have caught it in time.

I'll keep you updated on my condition.

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  1. I have a lot of tomatoes but they are all still green - I hope they turn!!! If I get a lot I will share...


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