Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is it Fall Yet?

It happens every year, ever since I was a kid. The weather is still blazing hot, with blue skies and warm nights. It's shorts and sandals weather for at least another 6 weeks. But do I want to wear shorts and sandals? No. I most certainly do not.

Tempted by all the back-to-school fall merchandis
e, I want to wear jeans and cute chunky sweaters and jackets and boots. I want scarves and hats and plaid and argyle. And I want to wear them Now!

Of course that would just be plain silly because it's 80 d
egrees outside. So instead I'll have to make my back-to-school fashion list (I know I'm not still in school, but does the shopping have to end? I think not!) and wait for the weather to cool.

So here are the fall fashion and home designs I'm cu
rrently craving:
Like these knit sweaters from the Fall 09 issue of Interweave's Knits magazine.

I saw the magazine when I was hanging out in the grocery store waiting for the pharmacy, and knew that I had to buy it. Don't you LOVE the back of this tunic? I want it. I want it now.

And how about this cabled cardigan? Something tells me that I might be making a trip to the yarn store very soon...
Speaking of cables, don't you think this knit pillow from Simplemente Blanco would look perfect on your bed--all cozy and warm during a crisp fall night?

As would this fleecy throw, also from Simplemente Blanco.

I couldn't resist adding this photo, even though it is technically a ring pillow from the summer issue of Weddings magazine. I think the structured ruffles remind me of silk corn husks, and somehow I'm going to figure out a way to apply this idea to a handmade fall handbag. I'll do it--you just wait and see!

Finally, no fall cravings are complete without leather boots. I'm currently coveting the knee length flat styles coupled with tights and skirts. Very soon, friends...very soon.

Of course, some of you might consider it sacrilege to pine away for the Fall when summer still lingers. And yes--it is true that I am trying to soak up as much summer as possible before the season ends. But that doesn't mean I can't be ready for a new season. An extremely fashionable one, I might add.

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