Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Since it is officially time for back-to-school, I thought that I should sign up for some extra-curricular activities.

Like sports.

Or art.

Or ballet. Adult beginner ballet to be more exact.

Last night I had my first class. And after a full hour performing a series of moves with French names that I can't recall, I can honestly claim that I DID NOT look like this:

Or this:
Nor did I get to wear a tutu like this:

Or a costume like this:

And it is safe to say that I would cry and perhaps break a leg if I tried to do this:

Because frankly I can't even touch my toes like this:

In fact, I probably looked more like this:

Or even this:

My legs were awkward, and I did not bend my neck gracefully in line with my arms. I did not bend much of anything gracefully for that matter.

But I did have a fantastic time, and am so excited for more extra-curricular dancing next week.

And maybe this time I'll be more prepared. Like, say, showing up in this:

Are you doing any extra-curricular activities this season? Share about them by posting your comment here!

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  1. You funny girl!! Good for you - glad you are taking ballet! Fun!!


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