Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pretty Things

Every now and then I have to write a post filled with frivolous, pretty things. know...I'm a girly girl.

Naturally first on my list is food, since my favorite part of cooking by far is how the food looks
(something my husband Does Not fully appreciate...). Above is a photo of my breakfast--fresh blueberries with whole grain waffles and syrup. Delicious!

This chunky red pendant is the next pretty thing on my list.
It is this week's raffle giveaway, even though I'm tempted to keep it for myself...

I've had this gorgeous, unbelievably soft, fuzzy pink yarn for awhile now,
but after my recent knitting binge I've been eyeing it more and more. Don't be surprised if this pretty ball turns up in a photo of a finished project soon!

I have my friend and neighbor to thank for this new Jill Bliss journal. I saw hers a couple weeks ago, and immediately begged her to tell me where she got (I'm always on the hunt for pretty new journals). And I was so excited this weekend to hunt down one for myself. Don't you love the pages of poppies, and the floral cover? I even love the grid pattern since I'm kinda particular about writing in straight lines(I know--I'm weird like that...).

Finally, I've recently fallen in love with this new blog, A Creative Mint. Creator Leslie puts together the most beautiful vignettes, usually based on a color theme. It is like candy for the eye. Take a minute to check out more photos by visiting her link.

What are your favorite pretty things? Share your comments here!

Well--I'm off for a full day of errands! Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

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