Friday, August 14, 2009

Five Things I'm Loving this Friday

It is a cloudy Friday, so my end-of-the-summer plans to lounge by the pool soaking up rays while reading books suddenly looks a little gray.

But I'm not worried.
I have other things to tickle my fanc
y. Here are five things I'm loving on this cloudy Friday afternoon:

These earrings, which I'm raffling off today. I love the fresh green color, don't you? They'll be a reminder of summer during the whole year!

These strawberry cupcakes
With strawberry frosting. I had a hankering for them when I saw a photo of a similar sugary delight on a blog last week. So I consulted Martha, and found a recipe. After a few modifications and a lot of licking the frosting beaters, I now have strawberry goodness to last all week!

These vintage fashions.
Oh how I wish I was born in a bygone era... (for more info and links on these dresses, click here.)

This cardigan I'm knitting with fervor.
Yes, it is probably the fifth cardigan I've tried, and yes, all of the others were disasters. But what can I say? I'm shamelessly hopeful that this is the The One that will turn out.

And these socks, which I just finished.
Didn't I tell you that summer was a great time to knit--if not wear--socks? They're complete in plenty of time for fall weather!

Hope you enjoy your Friday!

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