Friday, July 24, 2009

Box Store Boycott

Now, I have nothing against box stores. In fact, I love Target. Love it. Have-to-keep-myself-out-of-the-store-so-I-don't-spend-away-my-retirement Love it. But...what I don't love about the box store empire is that by tantalizing us with cheap prices and pretty packaging, we've forsaken originality and craftsmanship. Plus, our houses all start to look the same.

So, I thought I would do a little tantalizing today by featuring a few selections from the handmade marketplace, Etsy. Each of these items is either vintage (aka recycled) or handmade. And oh so pretty. For example,

Chakra Pennywhistle is one of my favorite shops. I love the folksy/natural look of this Tulip pillow, and can imagine it sitting neatly on my bed or sofa. I also love the antique moneybag pillows offered in the store, too--they're so charming, and remind me of my days as a banker.

This Smile Letterpress Poster from Roll & Tumble Press is fresh and simple. I love the chunky black frame (not included) and can picture it hanging perfectly in my entryway. And the message is not too cloyingly sweet thanks to the no-nonsense font and retro camera image. You won't find the likes of this letterpress beauty at any box stores, I guarantee!

This is Mrs. B's Yellow Teapot. Hello, Mrs. B. Would you like to come over to my house? Why thank you--you're so kind.
From Modern Nest, this vintage pot is just the shade of yellow I've been craving lately. Check out the rest of the store for other fun retro housewares as well!

I think these Vinyl Kitchen Labels are ingenious. You can customize a set of 6 generic canisters with these stickers in minutes. From Studio JK, they would make a great wedding or housewarming gift for your favorite nester.

Finally, speaking of vinyl stickers, wall decals are quickly becoming all the rage in home design these days. And though I'm still a little torn about them for main living spaces, I do think they're adorable in nurseries. This Safari Animal Stack by Single Stone Studios is so fun, and would make a great baby shower gift for a modern mom.

All together, handmade and vintage stores offer a great way to break out of the cookie-cutter mold and into fresh, fun design. And
these five items are just a sampling of the home design alternatives available out there. I hope you're tantalized! Happy browsing!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice post, Stephanie! So true, as I get so sucked into Target as well. But one has to remember that buying something on Etsy will make your home YOUR home - UNIQUE! - and not a cookie cutter Target or Ikea (another one that sucks me in!) home. I love supporting the creative endeavors of my Etsy family and will always try to buy there first! I am always so amazed by the amount of wonderful talent out there in the world! Heather

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Heather! I agree that there is a ton of talent out there, and I love supporting Etsy sellers, too!


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