Monday, July 13, 2009

Sundae Social

Okay--so I know that technically serving ice cream sundaes isn't the same as growing and eating your own food (unless you happen to have a dairy cow, peanut plants and a reliable backyard source of cocoa), but I had such a fun time this past weekend hosting a sundae party that I thought I'd add it to the list of summer-eating posts anyway!

Fortunately throwing a sundae social is significantly easier than gardening. Here's what I did:

step one:
buy the sundae supplies.

step two: lay them out on the table for buffet-style serving. Of course I had to be cutesy, so I put my toppings in little porcelain ramekins, and my fruit in colored bowls. I also felt compelled to pull out my summer table runner and line everything in a row on top of it, mainly because I'm a shameless overachiever.

step three: add drinks. Lemonade and ice tea were my two choices because I've been obsessed with Arnold Palmers this year. Besides--they look so refreshing in the mason jars I set out as glasses.

step four: top it off with fresh flowers. This adds absolutely nothing to the flavor of the sundaes, of course, but it sure looks pretty. And heaven forbid I would pass up an opportunity to make things--especially food!--look pretty. I hit my garden with a pair of pliers and happily snipped four vibrant gaillardia blossoms and several rose clusters. I stuck the individual blossoms into bud vases (cleverly converted from old fragrance decanters) and the roses in an old toothbrush holder (seriously--I'm moderately obsessed with small containers that may or may not someday come in handy for holding flowers...), and Voila!

step five: eat the sundaes, of course.

note: you can certainly omit steps two-four and still have a perfectly enjoyable sundae social. Don't let my gratuitous compulsion for being cutesy deter you from the simplicity of eating ice cream on a hot day with friends!

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