Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Gift!

I wanted to wrap up this mini-series on home design with a special gift for you. For a limited time only, I am offering a free download of my e-book, Thrift Store Design, to you!

I had such a great time
compiling the photos and content for this e-book this past spring, and even hosted a special Design Day to celebrate it!

In it, I include tips on how to tell whether that used armoire is junk or treasure,
how to find great fabrics in unlikely places, and how to create your own do-it-yourself art on the cheap!

To download this e-book, please click the Thrift Store icon in the lefthand column!

Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful Friday!

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1 comment:

  1. We visited Room and Board in Cherry Creek yesterday. Lots of Mid Century Modern peices and retro lamp shades. After participating in your Thrift Store Design Day, I am noticing that you can find a lot of stuff at thrift stores for A LOT LESS, refinish it, and have some really great peices of furniture. Also instead of buying one of the $500.00 Barrel Lamp Shades for your dining room you could totally paint one yourself to be really cool for super cheap. Thanks for all of your great tips!


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