Friday, July 10, 2009

A Tale of Backyard Tomatoes

Naturally when I was planning my veggie garden this year, I added tomatoes to the list. I mean, who doesn't want to grow and eat fresh tomatoes? They're arguably one of the best foods on the planet. And this year I had even upgraded my efforts by buying heirloom varieties, which are supposed to be superior in flavor to the standard hybridized types.

So here they are, in containers on the side of my house:

Don't they look happy?
All verdant and full. Growing up tall and healthy.

Except for one thing....

Why don't they have any tomatoes?
Why are they content to grow up towards the sky, and yet seem to disdain the thought of doing the actual work of growing fruit?

One--count it--one tomato is growing,
and looks about as delectable as a lime-green marble.

I fertilize them often, and water them faithfully.
Why are they so lazy?

And then there's this guy.
Sad, sad tomato plant. I give it Exactly the same care as the other two. Does it look happy? No. Not at all. It is weeping over more and more daily. Like it has lost its will to live.

It is curling up to die.

As you can see,
perhaps my dreams of making batches of homemade tomato sauce and piling my late summer sandwiches high to the sky with juicy goodness are just that--a dream.

Hopefully your tomato tales are better than mine--

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