Monday, July 20, 2009

From Cookie Cutter to Custom

Home design, as many of you know, is one of my favorite hobbies. And so I couldn't resist adding it to this Retro Summer line-up, and it's why I'm so excited to be gabbing about the subject for the next couple of weeks.

The theme for these posts is breaking out of the cookie-cutter mold that flavors a lot of home design today. And by breaking out I'm not talking about spending oodles of cash to stock your home with the latest fancy-pants designs, as tantalizing as they might be (and believe me--they are!). I'm talking about taking the generic and giving it an upgrade.

Like converting an unused corner into a library by adding a bookshelf and a cozy armchair.

Or piecing together a custom quilt from fabric remnants.

Or stitching up a bunch of pillow covers to change the look and feel of a room in seconds and with pennies on the dollar.

Or adding french doors to a bedroom.
Or refinishing used furniture. Or painting cabinets white. Or replacing wall-to-wall commercial mirrors with the smaller framed variety. Or...

Some of these projects I have shared about before on this blog, while others will be new.
The overall goal is to experiment with how to to personalize a generic home using architecture, furniture and accessories. I can't wait to get started!

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