Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking My Design Obsession Out

One of the best things about the weather warming up is that I can take my obsession for design outside to play in the yard. Now, admittedly it took me awhile to figure this out. For years I was close-minded, picturing only what I could do within the walls of my home. Finally, thanks to some hand-me-down patio furniture and a great stone deck that my husband built, I began to see a room full of possibilities beyond the doors and windows of my home.

Outside living can actually be very similar to inside living, at least in terms of design. Both benefit from a sense of ambiance. Both require some forethought and planning. And both can be changed from season to season. With outdoor design, in addition to the staples of furniture, fabrics and lighting, you can also add the vast world of color and texture from plants, and the architecture of structures. In many ways I’ve come to prefer my outdoor rooms to the indoors during the summer. And the air conditioning is free!

In the Next Two Weeks...
So, in the next two weeks we’ll be covering it all! You’ll hear how I updated used patio furniture with spray paint and fabric. And how tiki torches, candles and lawn lights make a Huge difference when entertaining at night. We’ll dabble in making a new yard look older, argue the pro’s and con’s of grass, and discuss the opportunities of patio gardening. I might even try my hand at creating a fountain--but no promises.

It is true that outdoor design requires more patience than interior design,
mainly because plants take awhile to grow, and because frankly it can get pricey. But when I’m enjoying my breakfast on the balcony, or a book on the sunny seat of a pergola, I think the effort is worth it.

Please join me this week and next for more on creating living spaces in your outdoor spaces!

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