Monday, June 22, 2009

My Community Staycation

On the dawn of this new mini series devoted to community entertainment, I feel compelled to cite an oh-too-recently-popular phrase: staycation. All the rage for summer fun, recession-style, the staycation is of course the practice to vacationing at home to save money. And though I feel sheepish for using such a trendy term, I have to confess that the staycation concept is exactly what I had in mind when envisioning this short series on community leisure.

In Love
The simple truth is that I am in love with my town. And though I am sometimes tempted to wander outside of its bounds and experience the cultures, languages and foods of other places, I am equally drawn to just staying home and enjoying the pleasures from my own community backyard. Admittedly this makes me neither posh nor sophisticated. But it does make me appreciate home. And it saves me some cash along the way.

It Started with Bikes...
So for the next two weeks I’ll be sharing the brief story of how I fell in love with my town, starting with mundane practices like riding my bike and frequenting my library. And I’m sure I’ll talk up the virtues of garden tours and amphitheatres and grand daddy of all summer community events: the Fourth of July.

So please stick around and join me as I shamelessly conform with all the cool kids and attempt some staycationing myself--

Maybe being trendy isn’t such a bad thing.

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