Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh How I Do Love a Good Field Trip!

Summer field trips were one of my favorite things growing up. I loved the chance to get away and experience something new. I loved spending time with friends. And of course I loved eating my packed lunch on a sunny lawn, complete with my soda can wrapped in foil.

Trips Ahead!
With those good memories, it is no surprise, then, that I found myself wanting to schedule some field trips to make this summer memorable. So without going overboard (summers have a way of getting busy, don’t they?), I’ve lined up some activities that I think will be really fun. Like a trip to a local farm to learn more about community supported agriculture. And an early hike, followed by brunch. And of course--plenty of time at the neighborhood pool.

Don't Live Close?
Naturally all of you are invited to join me on these trips/events, but I recognize that not all of you live close-by. So, I’ve included a rotating two-week calendar that suggests similar ideas for scheduling activities in your town. I hope you like it!

If you do live in Northern Colorado, and are interested in joining me and some friends, please feel free to email me at shillberry@stephaniehillberry.com for a detailed calendar of upcoming events!

Final Request
My final request? Please share your summer experiences with me! I’m dying to know about your local landscape scouting trip, or your latest hike, or your trip to the museum. Even your happy afternoon at the pool. Share by emailing me or posting your comments throughout the summer!

And certainly--by all means--don’t forget to pack your foil-wrapped soda!

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