Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite Things

So, in preparation for the launch of Retro Summer, I thought I would take an informal survey, and ask my subscribers to name their favorite thing about summer.

Simple Things
And as the answers came in, I could see right away that they were varied. And simple. Conspicuously absent from the list of responses were expensive vacations, luxuries, and the like. Instead, the most common favorite things involved enjoying longer days, warm nights, and the company of friends.
Barbecuing was high on the list, probably more for the social enjoyment of it than the food, although one person is quite fond of burnt hot dogs (you know who you are...). And of course, school letting out was popular for both moms and teachers. (Remember those first weeks of no school as a kid? They were the greatest, don't you think?)

The list reinforced what I was suspecting, which is that the things we are fondest of when the days get warm don't involve lots of money or flashy gimmicks. Rather, summer days make us nostalgic for a time when things were really simpler. Like when we were kids.

And that is why, when I was planning out my summer calendar, I kept coming back to the activities that we appreciate from our youth--or maybe even before then. Hence the theme "Retro Summer." The "retro" doesn't necessarily apply to fashion or culture. Rather, it applies to our affection for community, friends, and low-tech fun (like swimming pools and nature and kick-the-can, for instance).

So, I thank all of the readers who responded to my quick survey, and for their confirmation of my "retro" hunch. And I hope to hear from all of you over the summer, as I indulge in some nostalgia, and invite you to join!

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