Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Creative Hour: Wool Socks in Summer

I know it seems strange to be knitting a pair of wool socks at the dawn of summer, but here are three reasons why I've been knitting them lately:

1. they are small and portable, making them an ideal summer craft. I can throw them in my pool bag (although I might get some
very strange looks knitting by the pool...) or picnic bag or long weekend bag. And because they're too small to drape across my lap, they won't make me hot (the biggest trouble of summer knitting...).

2. I'm getting ahead for the winter. I'd love to give away some handknit items for raffle gifts this fall and winter, and therefore need to start now! Because knitting, unlike sewing, isn't something you can just whip out in an afternoon. Or at least I sure can't!

3. Speaking of sewing,
after all the needle and thread I've been tackling lately (red dress, baby quilts, cocktail napkins, etc. etc.), it is nice to have some yarn in hand for a change. Or at least for some creative diversity.

Of course, I won't be wearing of these socks anytime soon. That would just be crazy.

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