Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creative Hour: Tote Bags

Since beginning this series on Recessionistas, I have been emphasizing the importance of nurturing creativity during tough economic times. And so, to support this conviction, I've been setting aside time every day to create something, whether it be a sewing project, a photography slide show, or a pattern with yarn and needles.
This "Creative Hour," as I dubbed it, has produced a lot of fun projects, like the tote bag shown above which I sewed this week. And the Buttercup Bags from earlier this spring. And the placemats from last week. And the Thrift Store Design Day I hosted last Saturday.

And since creativity begets more creativity,
I am also teeming with ideas for new projects and ventures.

No--these projects won't turn the economy around.
But they do encourage an innovative spirit. Plus they brighten my day. And since I've given a lot of them away as gifts, they brighten the days of my friends and family, too.

Needless to say, I imagine that I'll keep up the Creative Hour long after Recessionistas is finished.

How do you express your creativity and imagination? Is it through movies or music? Through crafts? Through home design? Through cooking? Share your comments below!

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