Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dining in Style

A Place for Placemats...
I had the best time creating these placemats, complete with chopstick holders, for this week's subscriber raffle! The whole project, from pattern idea to printed stencils, was taken from the pages of Lotta Jansdotter's two books, Lotta Prints and Simple Sewing.

Shamefully, I admit that we eat many dinners on the sofa (I know...a no-no on several accounts), so it was nice for me to remember how...well...nice it is to have fun dining accessories. Kinda makes me want to actually sit down in my newly decorated dining room and have dinner there for a change. (I'm not sure pretty placemats can convince my husband, though....)

Creating a Creative Habit
While I was stitching these up, it couldn't help but think about how these little daily bursts of creativity have become almost habit for me. I'm starting to get to the point where my day feels incomplete if I haven't touched some fabric or snapped some lovely decor shots or knitted a few rows (yes...after a brief hiatus, I'm back to knitting...).

This creative habit, of course, is what I'm trying to inspire during today's economy. Something about daily interacting with raw resources, and then turning them into new and useful things--well, it starts to seep into your attitude, nurturing thankfulness and appreciation for the small things. And it also imparts a teensy bit of empowerment.
Not bad for placemats!

Appreciating the Simple
How about any of you readers out there? What kinds of activities are making you appreciate the simple things these days? Share by commenting below!

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