Monday, April 20, 2009

Market Your Creativity! (a book review)

We all need a little help from time to time. You know--an encouraging word, a different perspective, some timely advice. Truth be told, in my life as an entrepreneur, I am always looking for help. Someone who knows the ropes better than me. Someone who can share their hard-earned wisdom. Someone who writes books for business owners. Someone like Meg Mateo Ilasco.

Craft Inc.
I received Mateo Ilasco’s book, Craft inc., as a Christmas gift, and finally had a chance to read through the pages during my flight to Los Angeles earlier this month (one good thing about flying--no interruptions!). And like most business books written by females, I was impressed. I particularly liked the hobby-turned-business theme of Craft Inc., since obviously I have a few crafts that I’m peddling these days.

My favorite parts of the book?

1. The little vignettes about other female entrepreneurs. Reading their answers to questions like “how did you get started?” and “where did you come up with your creative, crafty idea?” was inspiring and motivating.

2. The section on production. A lightbulb went off in my head when I considered several of Mateo Ilasco's suggestions for producing items to sell. Since then, I’ve implemented a few of them, and have seen a Huge improvement in my efficiency! Needless to say, I appreciate the wisdom shared!

3. The ideas on public relations. Whether your business is small and informal, or large and fancy, public relations is important. It also happens to be an area that I don’t focus on nearly enough. So my goal for the next several months is to change that, and spend more time relating.

Market Your Creativity!
Why am I sharing this book review on entrepreneurialism? Because (if you haven’t figured it out already) I’m trying to persuade you all as Recessionistas to explore your inner businesswomen. Yes, I know, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but being creative and marketable certainly is!
So even if you never plan to start your own business, it is still great to read about how other women are using their skills and creativity in fresh and rewarding ways. Consider letting their confidence rub off on you and grab a copy of Craft Inc. (or any other business how-to) this month.

Do you have a hobby you are trying to turn into a small business? Or maybe you are inspired by a business woman you know. Share about it here by posting your comment below! And come back later today to see a preview of this week's topics, announcements, and more!

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