Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Midas Touch

We’ve all heard the story about King Midas before. You know--the jolly old ruler who managed to turn everything he touched into gold. Which worked out pretty well for him until all his friends and food became precious metal.

Thinking of Midas
For reasons that seem pretty apparent, I’ve been thinking about Midas a lot lately, and what it would be like to be so effortlessly rich. Because earning money--at least for me--isn’t exactly something I have the touch for. At least not in Midas proportions. And having extra money on hand would sure be helpful.

Of course the moral of the fable is that Midas’ wealth didn’t make him happy, but left him alone and hungry. It is a timely message for today. It is, however, not the message I want to talk about.

Just for Fairy Tales?
Rather, I want to discuss the idea of having a Midas touch. Not the kind that leads effortlessly to wealth, because that, I’m afraid, is just for fables and fairy tales. No--I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a new kind of Midas touch--a kind that perhaps I could be good at with a little bit of focus and practice. Want to hear more?

Midas Math
This new Midas touch that I’m talking about starts not with wishing for more money, but with an appreciation for the potential of what I already own. Potential that I could harness with some time and energy and then multiply. Like, for instance, taking the pinstripe shirts that my husband no longer wears and turning them into patchwork quilts that I can give as gifts or sell. Or, as another example, taking the extra dollars I saved from using coupons at the grocery store and applying them to the principal on my mortgage. Both examples involve me taking a resource I already have and multiplying it’s value. Call it Midas math.

I'm Intrigued
I’ve only just begun to think about this new Midas Touch, but I’m definitely intrigued by the possibilities. Intrigued by how homegrown ingenuity can be invested for a good return. A good return without the danger of metallic fruit.

What do you think? Share your first impressions about the new Midas Touch with me by commenting below!

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