Monday, April 13, 2009

Shopping for Good!

Monday mornings should start with good news, at least in my opinion. Fortunately I have some to share regarding the “adoption” garage sale that has been advertised here for the past month.

Great Success!
The sale, organized to raise money to support the adoption fees of two local families (one of them is Laura, a previous Marketplace Maven and owner of the Etsy shop, Uproar), was a great success. Laura reported to me in an email that she earned enough money to cover her home study--a crucial component of adoption--and is so thankful for everyone who turned out to volunteer and shop!

Thanks to You!
And so I’d like to extend my thanks, too, if any of you readers attended the sale.
Using resourceful recycling (aka garage sale-ing) to benefit local families and good causes gets me very excited!

To read more about the garage sale, click here.

Come Back!
Don’t go too far! Today is “entrepreneurial Monday,” and I’ve got a few posts in store on just that topic!

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  1. My mom and I went. The raffle was a great idea to raise funds. I am so glad it was a succes!!!

  2. yay! thanks for going! And thank you for supporting local families!


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