Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At Least a Lighter Wallet Weighs Less...

After returning this evening from what has become an annual tradition of hosting and traveling in early spring, I reflected that this year's trips seemed a little different than in years past, mainly because I could feel the tighter pinch on my wallet.

Cutting Back
The reality for me this spring is that the current recession compelled me to plan and prepare meals for my guests, for instance, instead of treating them to dinner out. It prompted me to pass up silky soft sheets at Ikea (a tourist destination for me since there are no stores in Colorado) in favor of two dish towels for $0.49 a piece. And it will force me to watch my spending in the weeks to come to compensate for airfare and gasoline.
Having less cash on hand, however, made me more open to appreciating the things that were abundant and free. Like good talks with friends and family. And creative inspiration.

Inspiring Finds
Regarding the inspiration, I found it all around me.
Take, for instance, my time walking one particularly fun shopping district in Los Angeles. I loved looking at all of the latest fashion designs, and left with a ton of new ideas for home decor inspired by dresses like the two on the left. And yes--I did end up with one dress for myself.

I also passed the above fabrics on the street in the Fabric District, and couldn't pass up their $1/yard price! I have visions of nursery bedding, handbags, and maybe some throw pillows coming from these two lovelies, and can't wait to warm up my sewing machine after a two-week rest.

Transition Can Be Tough
Truthfully there were a few times when having to keep such a tight reign on my spending was a little disappointing.
Perhaps during this recession you can relate. Transitioning into a different lifestyle (aka smaller budget) is hard when the memories of not-so-distant years past are still fresh. And I'm still practicing at making my adjustments. But as I unpack my suitcase and download my photos and store away my nephew's playpen, I am thankful that I have new memories and creative ideas. Even if it comes with a lighter wallet.

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