Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sewing in Good Company

I wrote earlier today that part of my enjoyment with creative activities is that they connect me with friends. Because really--crafting in good company is Way better than crafting alone. This truth was reaffirmed to me last week when I shared an afternoon of sewing with my friend and neighbor, Jess. On the sewing docket: pillow slipcovers for her, and a Buttercup bag for me.

the Benefit of Friends:
Here are my favorite group benefits:
1. You get to enjoy using someone else's "stuff" for a change. Like Jess's sewing machine, for instance, which is much faster than my quasi-antique and thereby v
ery fun for me to take a spin on. The same enjoyment applies to scrapbooking supplies, knitting needles, stamps, art and the like.
2. You learn new tricks. I have treasured
the sewing tips I've picked up along the years from friends, and know that they have saved me time and headaches!
3. Along that same vein, you get to teach others. Slipcovers were
a first for my friend, but as you can see by the photos, she's become a pillow-sewing maniac since our afternoon! One more convert added to the list...
4. You get instant feedback. Should I trim this edge more? Does this line look straight? Would a ruffle look better here? etc. etc. Asking these questions and actually getting answers (as opposed to the mumbling in your own head when crafting alone) is definitely worth the company. Because sometimes you just shouldn't be left to your own devices.
5. Finally, you have more creative accountability. Whenever I have a project that I just can't seem to finish, for some reason adding friends helps me over the hump. I don't know if it is their motivation rubbing off on me, or just the fact that I'm having fun, but crafting-in-company can do wonders for my to-do list.

Pulling It Together:
I highlight this sewing afternoon because it is a recent example of the Creative Hour at work in my life. I know that sewing slipcovers and handbags doesn't seem like a proactive response to the recession, but hidden behind the sheer girliness of it lies the seeds for ingenuity, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurship. And these are the seeds that I think have the power to grow us out of difficult economic times, and sustain us during them.

So sew away, Recessionistas! And bring some friends along with you!

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  1. Wow your friend Jess can really sew! :) She must have had a good teacher!


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